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Arkitekt KMM

Arkitekt KMM is a Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile library that helps you with the abstraction of a use cases, known as one of the building blocks of the Clean Architecture. Its main objective is a separation of concerns and better domain modeling. It is backed by Kotlin Coroutines.


  • Delegate work to a background thread
  • Cancel on re-execution (optional)
  • Error handling
  • Auto-cancellation when is the related coroutine scope terminated


The module km-usecases provides two main components - UseCase and FlowUseCase:

  • UseCase is for events that return a single response (e.g. REST API call GET, POST...).
  • FlowUseCase is for events that return multiple responses (e.g. Location data updates...).

Another module, km-viewmodel consists ArktitektViewModel which will help with maintaining CoroutineScope on iOS platform:

  • ArktitektViewModel creates CoroutineScope and manages it


Head out to Installation section.


Check out the usage in the example.